Katalina “Lina” Creasy, beloved kittypet of Brian, crossed over her very own rainbow bridge on March 29, 2021. She was born June 9, 2007 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had one sister, who was adopted separately.

As a kitten, she enjoyed naps and playing with toys. She taught herself how to play fetch at a young age, surpassing the intellect of any normal cat to become the “Smartest Cat in the World”. Her idol was Sparta, the late famous mean kitty youtube star. She was absolutely obsessed with the talking cats video and would get so excited any time it was played, no matter how much time passed between viewings.

She moved with Brian from Pittsburgh down to Austin in 2011, giving her a nice view of nature out the back window with a lot more relaxing atmosphere. She’d recount how many squirrels and deer she saw every day as she ran to greet Brian home from work at the front door every day.

Later, she was introduced to another human, Callie, who she did not trust at all at first. After Lina moved with Brian to a new world in Cedar Park in 2018, where she’d see Callie every day, she fell in love with her. In fact, moving into a house with other people and other animals made her a better cat in general. After settling in, she decided she didn’t need to be as afraid of other humans as much as she had been and would start regularly hanging out with everyone.

Lina is survived by her companion of 13 years, Brian; her step-companion, Callie; her step-siblings, Riley and Luke; and step-puppies, Coco and Olive.

When I brought you into my life, I didn’t fully understand that I’d be also seeing you leave my life. I will forever remember you and I will forever miss you, my little Lina.

Lina relaxing