I can be found many places on the internets. The most universally accessible way to get in touch with me is through e-mail.

Homes on the Internets


I’ve been connected to IRC almost constantly since the late 90s. I can be found as genetik on EFnet, freenode, QuakeNet, Undernet, d00mnet and GameSurge.


  • iMessage: genetik@caffeine.nu
  • Google Talk: genetik@gmail.com

If you have my telephone number, I’m can also be reached using Signal.


Use of encryption is very important to me and the rest of the world. If possible, please take the time to encrypt communication with me. My PGP key ID is 0x4C2F9E44C5C41DF6

PGP Public Key: genetik-gpg.asc

PGP Fingerprint: A063 4B43 3DD4 72EC 6A53 24CC 4C2F 9E44 C5C4 1DF6

Note: On 2015-08-05, I transitioned to a 4096-bit RSA PGP key. My deprecated key fingerprint is 7D24 82AF F764 5EF7 5DE1 E401 58C2 968C BCA6 4D46. Here is my transition statement: key-transition-2015-08-05-genetik.txt.


Send me Bitcoin (BTC) here: 1GhtaH1aT6eNFZGwHqJoSv8MwFo7arzb4K

Send me Litecoin (LTC) here: LfKHMRwbS87sbq18fJvkunSjTkFAfrd3oh