Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/ad1s1e    30G   7.1G    20G    26%    /mnt/mp3
/dev/ad2s1e    41G    16G    22G    42%    /mnt/mp3/fullcds[0-M]
/dev/ad2s2e    38G    11G    24G    30%    /mnt/mp3/fullcds[N-Z]

mix that up a bit with 41 cd’s full of mp3s, my 208 capacity cd binder filled to the brim with warez, movies, games, and anime, and you be owned, brotha.

the guestbook is back online. after months of not doing anything with making a mysql backend to the guestbook, i just put it back up to it’s original version. i love laziness.