10 years ago, January of 2001, I decided to actively avoid consuming caffeine of any kind. The reason was simply to “see if I could”. To my knowledge, I have successfully spent the past decade caffeine-free. This means I have not (that I’m aware of) consumed anything containing caffeine in 10 years. This includes chocolate and caffeinated beverages.

Effective immediately, however, I’ve decided to take caffeine off of the “banned substance list”. I somewhat feel as if I’ve been missing out on things in life because of the no caffeine policy. For example, I wasn’t able to eat the cake at one of my best friend’s wedding this past year. Ten years seems like a nice, round number at which to stop. Or at least take a break.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’ll be actively seeking consumption of caffeine and I’ll probably continue to avoid it for the most part. I’ll still be mostly drinking water, I still prefer vanilla ice cream and I still hate the taste of coffee. I just won’t be such a pain about things anymore and hopefully will be able to enjoy life a little bit more.

(originally posted to Facebook)