i set up a page where i log gas consumption and usage.

hey, would you look at that. i added a new post to this.

i was bored at work tonight, so i started and finished one of the projects that’s been on the backburner for a little while now. a few weeks ago, i bought myself a new car. one thing you have to understand about me is that i’m obsessed with recording things. whether it be irc logs, my mp3 archive database, or my movie database, i like to keep track of things in my life. it makes it easier to recall later. since i got my new car, i thought i’d start out with something new: a gas log. here, i will keep track of every time i fill my gas tank and other information pertinent to keeping track of gas mileage and price. my hope is to keep track of not only my gas mileage, but also document the changes in gas prices throughout the life of my car. maybe i’ll even write up a little rss2 document so you can know when i fill up my gas tank (heh).

i also added a link to both the gas log and my photo gallery on the side panel. be sure to check out the pictures from the john kerry rally that i went to at carnegie mellon university the other day.