We were planning on going to see the Statue of Liberty this morning, so we headed down to Battery Park to buy tickets.

Unfortunately, we were greeted by a couple hundred other people in line waiting to get tickets to Liberty Island. On the PA we heard an announcement saying, “The wait from the end of the line will be about four hours.” That’s when we decided to head uptown.

We figured that we could try to wake up early Monday and get first in line to see it. For today, we would head uptown to go to FAO Schwartz to look around. It was a pretty big store, three floors in all, but I wasn’t nearly as excited about it as Chris and Darryl were. We also went to the World of Disney store on Fifth Avenue after FAO. I think I’m at the point where I don’t really find toy stores exciting without a kid of my own to be excited with.

Chris wanted to see the building where Howard Stern broadcasts from. Though, I think he expected more, we found where it was located before we left the hotel this morning. It was just a big building that didn’t have his name on it anywhere. Chris also wanted to take a picture of the Trump Tower for his mom. We did that also. It was not that big of a deal since it was in the same area as everything else.

While walking around, we were all pretty hungry, so Chris suggested that we stop at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant. It was pretty expensive and didn’t really deliver with the quality of service or food. Ended up being about $20 per meal.

On the way back downtown, we stopped at the New York Public Library. I wanted to go inside, but it had just closed at 1800 and it was 1830. So, instead, we sat down on the front steps and watched people and pigeons for about a half hour.

Since we were pretty tired from walking all day, we decided to take the subway back to our hotel. After sitting there for a while, Darryl and I were getting hungry for dinner. Chris wasn’t. He didn’t feel like eating or talking. It’s really frustrating when he gets like this because the more you try to get him to talk or answer questions, the more he’ll not talk. Eventually, after most of the big restaurants and little diners were closed, we managed to get him to get up and go find food with us. So we took a subway back uptown to Times Square. The first place we saw was the Manhattan Chili Co. The food there was very good, but also expensive. They had about 13 different kinds of chili to choose from and different dishes to put it on. I ended up getting two chilidogs and fries for $10. A Sprite to drink was $4. The waiter was really nice considering that we were his last table of the night and we stayed past closing.

On the subway ride home, we got a bit of entertainment from a homeless person. With lots of talent, he sang songs and tapped along with his cane. His tag line was “New York City: Where the women are pretty and they all have jobs.”

Tomorrow we’ll try to go to the Statue of Liberty and then go home.