We woke up kind of late and we weren’t able to see the Statue of Liberty, so we went to find breakfast before leaving town.

While walking down Broadway to find some place to eat, we saw a sign pointing down a side street to a little cafe selling breakfast. We went there and got some pretty good food for not a lot of money.

After that, we went back to the hotel, checked out and headed down to the South Ferry to catch a ferry down to Staten Island. I really like how they’re remodeling the terminals on both sides. Last summer, it was all torn up concrete floors with plastic and unfinished walls everywhere and rafters on the ceiling.

We had to take an alternate route on Staten Island to get to the Goethals bridge because of a Memorial Day parade. After driving around a bit, we got out of Staten Island and onto the Jersey turnpike. It was smooth sailing from there on out because we decided to take the PA turnpike home. No having to worry about gas or getting directions. We arrived back in Pittsburgh around 7:30.