• Race Report: Pace Bend 2015

    Last year, I entered the bike racing scene, having competed in 6 races throughout the season. All of those races were criterium style races at The Driveway. At the end of the race season in October, I decided that I would try my legs at a road race in 2015. The race I had in mind for my first attempt was Pace Bend.

  • Thanksgiving

    Last year, I surprised my family with a visit to Pittsburgh for thanksgiving.

    I’d secretly planned the trip for months in advance between me and my brother and it turned out just the way I planned, with everyone completely surprised and exceedingly happy. One thing I didn’t plan for, however, was how I would feel sitting down at the dinner table staring at a cooked turkey right in front of me.

  • My First Bike Race

    All signs from the weather forecasts pointed to rain and cold. We had planned to ride to the race track as a group from the bike shop on the south end of town. “We”, being a handful of Bicycle Sport Shop club members. Because of the weather forecast, I decided to drive to the shop instead of making the 10-mile ride there. It had started to rain as I pulled into the parking lot and there were a few cars there already. It would turn out that these people may or may not have been going to the race track also, but they apparently decided to not ride there and left in their cars. Roll out time was at 9:00. It was getting close to that time and I was still in my car, waiting to see if anyone else showed up. Eventually, without a few minutes to spare, Todd and Daniel rolled up. I couldn’t let anyone think I was weaker than them, so I got out of the car and put my bike together.

  • An Android Phone, Part 2

    My new cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-i9190), runs Android 4.2.2, but I’ve installed a custom distribution called Cyanogenmod and made modifications/tweaks to make it more secure.

  • An Android Phone, Part 1

    I bought a new phone: a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-i9190).

    I’m excited about this change. It is an Android-based phone running Cyanogenmod+OpenPDroid. I decided on this phone because it: is Cyanogenmod compatible, has an sdcard slot, has a removable battery, and is a small form factor.