In my previous post about the first episode of this season of Community, I made the assertion that it felt weird because it did not follow one of Dan Harmon’s story circles. I’m now revising my evaluation because I wasn’t thinking about it in the right context.

It is Abed for whom the story circle fits, but it’s a complete circle because it takes place in the context of the actual show. It’s pretty awesome, really.

  1. Abed is in a zone of comfort being in college with his friends, having finished three years (seasons) already.
  2. But he wants something: For it to last for six seasons and a movie (repeat the first three years of college over again).
  3. He enters an unfamiliar situation, having realized that the show could come to an end before finishing six seasons and that it was almost canceled.
  4. He adapts, accepting that the show could change and end at any time.
  5. He gets what he wants. Another season closer to 6.
  6. But he pays a heavy price. He lost his creator, producers, and some writers.
  7. He returns to his familiar situation, being in college with his friends and living in the moment.
  8. Having changed.

But here’s the twist: It’s not Abed who traveling this story circle…

It is us, the fan base of Community, who are traveling the story circle.

Dan’s departure was the “Atonement with the Father”.

The story of the story is the story.

(Originally posted to tumblr)