A Zelda 2 remake…….

No, it doesn’t exist, but I sure got your attention, didn’t I?

Seriously, though. The thought of this just came to my mind and I have to share how awesome I think it would be. Second to Link’s Awakening for Game Boy, Zelda 2 was my favorite Zelda game. Now just think of how awesome it would be in a third-person remake. You’ve already got the giant map to base the outside world on. Just flip that sucker on its side, make Link much smaller, have random stuff jump out of nowhere at you while you’re walking from place to place (but only if you’re not on a trail). The storyline and order in which you do things wouldn’t change. So you’d still need to get the hammer to break rocks, etc. There would have to be some open-ended creativity in the temples, towns and caves, though. Since they had no depth in the original. Heck, they could even re-design the temples.

Maybe my imagination is making it out to be better than it would be, and let me know if you disagree with me, but I just think that it would make for an awesome, awesome remake. Heck, even a remake of the first Zelda would be cool in third-person.

I wonder if the folks at Nintendo have ever considered this. I think it would be a hit with the new school gamers who never really played the original Zelda 2 on NES.

Lemme know what you think about the idea.