Last Updated: 2017-09-24

I’m in Austin, Texas, living a simple and quiet life, focusing on these things:

  • Caring for Lina.
  • Being a supportive and loving partner.
  • Living in the moment, yet planning for the possible.
  • Advocating for non-human and human animal rights.
  • Reducing my ecological and economical footprints.
  • Reducing my personal possessions through selling and donating.
  • Conditioning my cycling performance for the 2018 race season.
  • Reducing my body weight to 147 pounds.
  • Learning about various personal finance topics.
  • Aiming for a 65% average savings rate and maintaining at least 50%.
  • Reading “Steve Jobs” and “Deep Work”.

Here is how I intend to spend my time and energy /later.

“Now” page inspired by Derek Sivers.